GBC Introduction
Gnosis Beacon Chain Documentation
Gnosis Beacon Chain (GBC) brings extendable and accelerated beacon-network functionality to the Ethereum ecosystem. Applications can iterate through real-world strategies, stage important applications, or choose to run DApps in a faster, lower-stakes environment while enjoying the benefits of massive scalability.
GBC is optimized for certain parameters (block/epoch time) and can serve in a frontrunning capacity to important Ethereum consensus-layer updates. For example, the merge will first take place on testnets. Once thorough testing is complete, updates can then move to a production-level, real-world value environment (Gnosis Beacon Chain).
​Validating GBC only requires the equivalent of 1 GNO, opening up validation opportunities for diverse groups of individuals across the globe.
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πŸ’§ Liquid staking is the easiest way to participate, and it has arrived with Stakewise. Connect your wallet to the GC to start staking today! Instructions here.

Past, Present and Possible Future for Gnosis Beacon Chain

This talk at DevConnect by researcher Kirill Fedoseev is a primer about the GBC and where it might be heading in the future.

Gnosis Chain

Gnosis Chain (formerly the xDai Chain) is the associated execution-layer EVM chain for stable transactions. Gnosis Chain uses the xDai token for transactions and includes a wide-ranging group of projects and users.
Much like Ethereum, Gnosis Chain will continue to run in its current form until the merge with the Gnosis Beacon Chain. This merge will follow a similar trajectory to the Ethereum merge.
After the merge, validators (stakers) on the GBC will begin validating transactions on the Gnosis Chain; the Gnosis Chain will become a shard within the larger GBC infrastructure.
Much more information on Gnosis Chain, usage, and applications is available on the GC site. In addition, here are a few quick links to GC-relevant resources.
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