GBC is supported by 3 clients; validators can choose their preferred client
Please see the relevant page for links and instructions for each client implementation. The Lighthouse binary v 2.1.2+ supports Gnosis Chain out-of-the-box. The Prysm client is modified slightly to support the GBC and you must use the modified version. The Nimbus client supports the GBC out-of-the-box, if built with correct options.
Lighthouse A fast and secure client written in Rust
Prysm A user-focused client with high reliability written in Go.
Nimbus A client that strives to be as lightweight as possible in terms of resources used.
In addition to the GBC client, validators will need to connect to a Gnosis Chain RPC node or, optionally, run their own Gnosis Chain (native xDai) node with Nethermind or OpenEthereum.
DappNode supports the Gnosis Beacon Chain! If you would like to use their services for validation, please see the guide and instructions here.
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