Gnosis Chain Node (OpenEthereum & Nethermind)
This process is optional and suggested for experienced node runners only.
In addition to running a GBC client, we also recommend running a separate Gnosis Chain Node execution layer client. Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai Chain) will be used to process validator deposits and later incorporated as a shard.
While it is possible to link GBC to an existing node using a JSON RPC endpoint, running your own node to promotes decentralization. Gnosis Nodes can be run with your choice of OpenEthereum or Nethermind with the following recommended minimum specs:
  • OS: Ubuntu (Nethermind & OE), Windows & MacOs (Nethermind only)
  • CPU: 2 cores
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Disk: 100gb SSD
  • Git installed git --version
The following instructions are for the xDai chain setup. Instructions will be updated at some point to reflect the naming change, for now instructions are followed as is.
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