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Bug Bounty

Immunefi Bug Bounty

Bounties are an important tool for testing and enhancing application and contract security. We appreciate the skilled hackers and programmers within the community and believe in rewarding those working to protect and strengthen the ecosystem. Working in partnership with Immunefi, we will be releasing additional bounties in the near future, and invite the community to help identify any possible exploits we may have missed.

Security is the #1 priority of the Gnosis team. This bounty program is not being enacted in response to any know exploits, we are proactively implementing to ensure safety and soundness of our applications and protect users and their funds.

OmniBridge Bounty


Bounties are based on severity of bug found and range from $1,000 to $2,000,000. For more, please visit the bounty page at read the rules and get started.

Bridges connecting GC with Ethereum, BSC and other future chains are critical infrastructure. They are designed to hold many millions of dollars worth of assets, and as such are a tantalizing target for bad actors.

In addition to thorough security audits for the OmniBridge architecture, we are collaborating with Immunefi to offer up to $2,000,000 for the discovery of bugs or exploits that may result in a loss of user funds related to the OmniBridge.

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