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Deploy Your Own Cow Swap Frontend

This tutorial will guide you through deploying Cow Swap swap frontends using the @widget-examples code examples. Cow Swap is a decentralized exchange platform, and with these examples, you can quickly set up your own swap frontend.

Step 1: Clone the @widget-examples Repository

First, clone the @widget-examples repository to your local machine. This repository contains all the necessary code examples for deploying Cow Swap swap frontends.

git clone
cd widget-examples

Step 2: Install Dependencies

Navigate to the cloned directory and install the required dependencies.

npm install

Step 3: Explore the Examples

The repository contains multiple examples. Each folder within the repository represents a different example of how you can integrate Cow Swap into your frontend. Review these examples to understand the different integration methods available.

Step 4: Integrate into Your Project

Choose the example that best fits your project's needs. You can copy the example code directly into your project or use it as a reference to develop a custom integration.