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Gas Price Oracle

Gnosisscan Endpoint

Gnosisscan has a gas tracker page and an API endpoint to query the value.

Gnosisscan endpoint - Gnosis Mainnet

Check the Gnosisscan APIs documentation for more endpoints.

Example response


Gas price display on Gnosisscan

Blockscout Endpoint

The BlockScout gas price api endpoint shows a recommended gas price for average, fast and slow transactions based on recently accepted transactions. Users can decide whether to increase the gas price to speed up a transaction or input a lower gas price which may take longer but is still likely to be successful.

Blockscout endpoint - Gnosis Mainnet
Blockscout endpoint - Chiado Testnet
  • Response calculated for previous 200 blocks and updated every 30 seconds.
  • Response criteria for average, fast and slow gas estimates follow EthGasStation recommendations.

Example response


Response Threshold
(Min gas price per block from previous 200 blocks)

averagegwei60th percentile of min gas price txs
fastgwei90th percentile of min gas price txs (top 10%)
slowgwei35th percentile of min gas price txs

Gas price display on BlockScout