Validator Info
Validators protect the Gnosis Chain by staking on the Gnosis Beacon Chain. There are several options now available for staking.

Run Your Own Node

Please see the Validator Requirements and Technical Requirements to learn more about expectations and what you will need to become a validator.Validating the GBC requires 1 GNO per validator process.
DappNode now supports the Gnosis Beacon Chain! If you would like to use their services for validation, please see the guide and instructions here​

πŸ’§ Liquid Staking

Liquid staking providers allow anyone to stake without running the infrastructure themselves. Liquid staking has arrived on the GBC with Stakewise. Connect your wallet to the GC to start staking today! Instructions here.
Want to learn the basics about validating on the beacon chain? This is a good first article to start (covers the Ethereum Beacon Chain, but processes are similar on GBC only faster: 5 sec blocks and 16 slots per epoch).
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