Connect to a GC Node
If you choose not to use the public RPC and want to connect to a different Gnosis Chain node (including a 3rd party provider), set XDAI_RPC_URL=https://<your-endpoint>

Fallback IPs (Lighthouse only)

Use comma-separated RPC urls for the XDAI_RPC_URL variable to set fallback IPs in Lighthouse. This is useful if your node goes offline. For example:

Sharing machines for GC and GBC clients

If you decide to run a Gnosis Chain client (Nethermind or OpenEthereum) and a Gnosis Beacon Chain client (Lighthouse or Prysm) on the same machine, we recommend running both in the same docker-compose.yml file to enable RPC access by container name.
If you have questions about config details for this type of setup, please ask in our discord.