Convert GNO to mGNO
This is a page for the original swap app, which includes the ability to convert GNO to mGNO. In the current app, located at, GNO is automatically wrapped into mGNO. Swapping is no longer needed for deposits and only useful if you want extra mGNO.
If you need some extra mGNO (for example to top off a balance or for other reasons), you can use the following older swap UI to convert GNO on the Gnosis Chain to mGNO. Note that currently there is not a mechanism to swap mGNO back to GNO.
1) Go to and connect your web3 wallet on the Gnosis Chain to the application. In this example we use MetaMask.
2) Select the Swap tab. Enter the amount you would like to convert and click Convert. You can convert any amount, be sure to start with a leading 0 to convert less than 1 GNO. For example, 0.1 GNO will be converted to 3.2 mGNO.
3) Sign 2 transactions in your wallet. The first is a free signature request to allow the application to make the conversion.
The second processes the transaction. This will require a small amount of xDai to complete.
4) The transaction should be initiated and completed within a few seconds. Once completed you can click the link to see the tx in BlockScout and add mGNO to your MetaMask wallet. The mGNO contract address is 0x722fc4DAABFEaff81b97894fC623f91814a1BF68.
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