Voluntary Exit
If you decide to stop validating and disable your node, you can initiate a voluntary exit. This will freeze your balance at its current value (rewards and/or penalties will no longer accrue).
If you perform a voluntary exit, you will not be able to withdraw your balance until the merge is complete and withdrawals are activated.
Voluntary exit procedures vary depending on your client.
Exits are non-reversible; once you have exited you cannot restart your validator.


Login to your node and use the following command to request a voluntary exit. Replace <PUBKEY_1> with each public key you want to exit.
docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd)/config:/tmp/config" -v "$(pwd)/wallet:/home/.eth2validators/prysm-wallet-v2" --network host ghcr.io/gnosischain/gbc-prysm-validator:v2.0.5-gbc accounts voluntary-exit --accept-terms-of-use --wallet-password-file /tmp/config/wallet_password.txt --beacon-rpc-provider localhost:4000 --public-keys "<PUBKEY_1>,<PUBKEY_2>,...,<PUBKEY_N>"


Native support for voluntary exit is in process. If you need to request a voluntary exit prior to native support, please contact us in discord in the beacon-chain channel.
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