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Contracts, Addresses, Parameters

Contracts & Token Addresses

DO NOT send funds directly to the GBC Deposit Contract.

To stake on GBC, follow the Validator instructions starting with Validator Requirements and Responsibilities.

GBC Deposit Contract0x0B98057eA310F4d31F2a452B414647007d1645d9
GNO-> mGNO contract0x647507A70Ff598F386CB96ae5046486389368C66
GNO token on Gnosis0x9C58BAcC331c9aa871AFD802DB6379a98e80CEdb

Initial Parameters (subject to change)

Staking amount32 mGNO (equivalent to 1 GNO)
Block time5 seconds
Validator slots per epoch16 (with further reduction possible, N > 1 honest proposer/epoch as per V. Buterin)
Validators per slot128 (see more on minimum committee size)
Epoch time80 seconds
SlashingReductions to 16 mGNO, then removal
ClientsPrysm, Lighthouse
Custom Deposit Contract

  • mGNO deposit (ERC20 enabled)
  • Upgradeable
  • Claiming on accidental locks
  • Custom network keys generation (deposit-cli)

Modified beaconchain explorer

Launch MVP

4096 validators
131,072 mGNO

83% APY

Security Goal Prior to Merge

50K+ validators

1.6M+ mGNO

23% APY