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GNO Token

GNO is the native token of the Gnosis ecosystem. It's used for staking on the Gnosis Beacon Chain and acts as the governance token for the GnosisDAO.


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Use GNO Tokens

Gnosis Beacon Chain

mGNO token

To create a more accurate ETH-mirrored environment, a minimum of 32 tokens are used for staking purposes on the Gnosis Beacon Chain. The mGNO token is a meta-token similar to a wrapped token created for this purpose. During deposits, 1 GNO is automatically converted to 32 mGNO. Check the validator deposit process for more details.


Stake your GNO tokens to secure Gnosis validating blocks as part of the PoS consensus. Check the validator deposit process for more details.

Liquid staking providers allow anyone to stake without running the infrastructure themselves. Check the Stakewise page for more details on sGNO and rGNO tokens.

GnosisDAO Governance

GNO Token Audit

Converting GNO to mGNO

::: note GNO is automatically wrapped by the deposit contract, you only need to do this to top off your balance. The following instructions use the older swap UI :::


Note that currently there is not a mechanism to swap mGNO back to GNO.

1) Go to and connect your web3 wallet toGnosis on the application.

In this example we use MetaMask.

2) Select the Swap tab. Enter the amount you would like to convert and click Convert. You can convert any amount, be sure to start with a leading 0 to convert less than 1 GNO. For example, 0.1 GNO will be converted to 3.2 mGNO.

3) Sign 2 transactions in your wallet. The first is a free signature request to allow the application to make the conversion.

The second processes the transaction. This will require a small amount of xDai to complete.

4) The transaction should be initiated and completed within a few seconds. Once completed you can click the link to see the tx in BlockScout and add mGNO to your MetaMask wallet. The mGNO contract address is 0x722fc4DAABFEaff81b97894fC623f91814a1BF68.