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Learn about Token bridges

Bridges Conceptual Architecture

Gnosis has three main types of bridges:

  • Native Bridge: built into the chain itself, and mint the xDAI and ERC20 token from Ethereum to Gnosis Chain
  • 3rd-party Bridges: these are maintained by 3rd parties and allow users to swap for canonical tokens created by native bridges
  • Application-Specific Bridges: some applications may provide custom bridges that maintain their own canonical token on Gnosis

Diagrams overview of Bridges

Gnosis Chain Bridge

Gnosis Chain bridge :

  • allows to mint the native stablecoin xDAI on gnosis chain by bridging DAI from Ethereum
  • allows to bridge ERC2O token from Ethereum to Gnosis Chain

Bridging Data

See the Arbitrary Message Passing Bridge or AMB Bridge for short.


Gnosis has a long-term roadmap to move towards trustless bridges, and is actively funding research and development in this area.

Feedback & Suggestion

We would love to hear from you on suggestions and ideas on bridges in Gnosis Chain.