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Using Cookbook

Cookbook is an open source smart contract marketplace. You can search, upload, download, deploy, manage and integrate any Solidity smart contract into your app.

It supports Gnosis Chain and Chiado.

Search on smart contract marketplace

Navigate to Cookbook, and search for the smart contract you would like to use or deploy:


Choose the deploy option

Once you've chosen your smart contract, you have different options to select:

  1. Simply Deploy: Configure and Deploy the smart contract on the network you chose by few clicks.
  2. Edit On Remix: Use Remix IDE to edit the smart contract
  3. Download smart contract: Download the smart contract and use it locally.

deploy option

In this tutorial, we'll choose Simply Deploy option.

Configure the smart contract


Pick a chain

Select the network for which the smart contract to be deployed to. Click Deploy and you'll be prompted to sign a smart contract creation transaction. Please check that whether you have enough xDAI balance on your wallet.

pick chain

Check your deployed smart contract on Dashboard

Once the smart contract is deployed, you may check the address on Dashboard. You may also download ABI, Bytecode, Source Code and Verification Data from here.


Additional Resources