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Nethermind Sedge

A one-click setup tool for PoS network/chain validators, this includes support for Gnosis chain mainnet and chiado testnet. Sedge takes care of the entire on-premise full node setup based on the chosen client, using generated docker-compose scripts based on the desired configuration.


Quickstart with Nethermind Sedge:

Instructions to get started with Nethermind Sedge found here

For Chiado Test network:

Instructions for Chiado Test Network can be found here

  1. My sedge-validator-blocker container has been showing Endpoint is down, waiting 30 seconds before checking again... for more than 10 mins.
    • The sedge-validator-blocker ensures that the validator node doesn't start until your beacon node health endpoint returns 200. You should check if beacon node (sedge-consensus-client) is synced.
    • Once the endpoint returns 200, the sedge-validator-client will start.