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Chiado (Testnet)

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Chiado Train Station Image: Trams in Lisbon (credit: Lisa Fotios)



  • Chiado is a Gnosis testnet that was launched in October 2022
  • Chiado's primary purpose is to be a long-lived testnet with tooling for developers
  • Chiado's secondary purpose was to test "The Merge", Gnosis' transition from Proof-of-Authority to the Beacon Chain.
  • Chiado is named after the Chiado metro station in Lisbon, Portugal.


  • Chiado is optimized for testnet stability for developers, and has a semi-permissioned validator set similar to Ethereum's Sepolia testnet
  • Chiado is not intended for broad public validator participation, as frequent cycling of validators affect Testnet stability and make it unreliable for developers (e.g. Ethereum's Prater testnet)
  • Chiado validators are run by core contributor teams at Nethermind, Gateway and Gnosis (and possibly more in the future)
  • 6,000 validator keys were defined in the genesis of Chiado Beacon Chain for Gateway, Nethermind and Gnosis to run as validators

Public Participation

  • Community members can still run a full node and go through the Chiado merge as it happens
  • 1,000 Testnet GNO on Chiado may be available in the future for community public validator participation
  • Community participation will be limited to 14% of the Chiado Network to ensure network stability
  • 1 Testnet GNO is required to run a validator, similar to Gnosis mainnet
  • Requests for Chiado participation keys can be made in the #chiado-testnet channel in Discord

How to Participate


Key Infra

Network NameChiado
Native (fee) tokenTestnet xDai on Chiado
Staking tokenTestnet GNO on Chiado
Chain ID10200
Execution Layer RPC (archive)
Execution Layer RPC
Execution Layer RPC (WS)wss://
Execution Layer Explorer
Consensus Layer Explorer
Beacon Checkpoint Sync
Fork monitor

Key Parameters

Slot Time5s
Epoch16 slots
Finalization Time2.7 min
Staking Deposit1 Testnet GNO on Chiado

Native Tokens

Fee Token

  • Name: Testnet xDai on Chiado
  • Type: Native Asset

You can find a list of contract addresses for Chiado tokens in the Useful Addresses page.

Network Config

Config Repo

Gnosis maintains a Configs Repo that is the canonical source for Gnosis Chain networks.

Consensus Layer

Execution Layer



Previous Iterations

Chiado 0.2

Chiado was previously launched with network ID 100100. Soon after launch, the network entered a forked state. The root causes were identified and fixed as part of the Chiado relaunch.


[1]: See Github Issue on Testnet GNO on Chiado Staking Contracts

[2]: See Github Issue on Goerli-Chiado Bridge Deployment