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#16101500 - 2021-05-17

Archived page

Check the latest hard fork and update your node

  • Network: xDai (now Gnosis)
  • Date: 2021-05-17
  • Block number: 16101500

Client Updates


Please update to v3.2.5 which contains Berlin hard fork transition and the new enodes:

Perform a DB migration if your run OE version < v3.2.0

If your node works on an old version of Parity, you need to convert node's DB to the format compatible with OpenEthereum v3.2.x. You can use this tool


Please update to v1.10.67 which contains Berlin hard fork transition. More on Nethermind.

Description: Berlin HF

  • EIP-2565 (ModExp Gas Cost) Allows RSA signature verification.
  • EIP-2929 (Gas cost increases for state access opcodes) Algorithm for calculating gas costs. Costs increase for SLOAD, CALL, BALANCE, EXT and SELFDESTRUCT for the first time. Adds resilience for DoS attacks.
  • EIP-2718 (Typed Transaction Envelope) Implements a new transaction type that supports multiple transactions.
  • EIP-2930 (Optional access lists) Lst of addresses and storage keys a transaction will access, resulting in easier processing and reduced gas usage.