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What is Shanghai/Capella hardfork?

Shanghai/Capella hardfork enables validator withdrawal and several execution layer update on Gnosis Chain. EIPs that are included in this hardfork: EIP-3651, EIP-3855, EIP-3860, EIP-6049.

Validator withdrawal allows a validator's account balance get withdrawn from Beacon Chain to Execution Layer, in the form of GNO. The GNO will be accrued on validator's withdrawal address on the Execution Layer, which is set using eth1_withdrawal_address option during validator key generation.

Check out validator withdrawal for more details.

When did Shanghai/Capella hardfork happen?

Epoch: 648704
Slot: 10379264
Time: August 1, 2023 at 11:34.20 UTC

How to Prepare

For Validators

  1. Check Withdrawal Credentials

    For any type of withdrawals, a validator need to have 0x01 withdrawal credential. You’re fine if you used --eth1_withdrawal_address to create your validator keys. If not, tooling will be made available.

    Refer to validator withdrawal for more details.

  2. Update your clients

    Execution Layer:

    ✅ NethermindEth v1.19.3
    ✅ ErigonEth v2.48.0

    Consensus Layer:

    ✅ Lighthouse v4.3.0
    ✅ Teku v23.6.1
    ✅ Nimbus v23.6.0 (only with the following Docker image:
    ✅ Lodestar v1.9.1

    DAppNode Packages

    ✅ Teku Gnosis v0.1.9
    ✅ Lighthouse Gnosis v0.1.10
    ✅ Lodestar Gnosis v0.1.2
    ✅ Nethermind xDAI v1.0.34
    ⌛️ Erigon and Nimbus - Forthcoming

How to claim your withdrawal?

Partial Withdrawal

As we have modified some specs regarding the withdrawals to enable withdrawing GNO instead of the native gas token xDai, unlike Ethereum, partial withdrawals currently do not happen automatically. So, for now, you will need to call claimWithdrawal function on the contract. However, it is in our plans to automate and subsidize partial withdrawals in the future.

Full Withdrawal

Please check guide on voluntary exit.