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Command Line Tool

Select the Operating System and follow the instructions:


We highly recommend generating keystores on a safe, completely offline device.

Securely backup your mnemonic, keystores, and password and keep them in a safe place.


Learn more about keys and withdrawal credentials.

  • Copy the download link for Linux, MacOS or Arm64 package from the validator data generation tool.

  • Download the Validator Data Generation tool

  • Unzip the downloaded file

    tar -xvf [FILE_NAME]
  • Get into the folder

    cd deposit-cli-...
  • Execute Validator Data Generation tool and follow the instructions. In case of doubts, check the tool documentation.

    Tip: add the --eth1_withdrawal_address flag when creating your keys, pointing to an address you control.

    • If you want to generate a new mnemonic:

      ./deposit new-mnemonic --folder ../consensus/keystores
    • If you already have a mnemonic generated:

      ./deposit existing-mnemonic --folder ../consensus/keystores

      You will be asked for a mnemonic and index (key number).

  • Select the language of the UI and mnemonic.
  • Choose the number of validators. Remember: 1 GNO = 1 validator. You can run many validators in the same machine.
Choose gnosis on the network/chain name.
  • Create a password to encrypt the keys.
  • The mnemonic (seed phrase) will show on screen. Save it in a secure place (idealy offline).
  • Type your mnemonic to confirm in the tool.
  • Wait until the keys are created. Two types of files will be generated:
    • deposit_data-*.json
    • One keystore-*.json per validator
  • Save the location of the generated keys, and copy them in a backup USB memory or any other secure storage.

For custom setup and more instructions, check the Validator Data Generation tool documentation.