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Wagyu Key Gen

  1. Download the latest release of the Gnosis Wagyu Key Gen from here. There are binaries posted for Windows, macOS, Linux AMD64, and Linux ARM64, choose the appropriate binary for your OS, (or build from the source code if you’re so inclined).

    DAppNode Step 3b

  2. Once you have downloaded the appropriate binary for your OS and are disconnected from the internet, go ahead and open the program. You will be given 2 options, either create a new mnemonic or import an existing mnemonic. The GUI is very user friendly and explains all steps along the way. Below are screenshots showing the flow for creating a new mnemonic. If importing a mnemonic you will need to ensure you select the proper start index on the configuration page so that you don’t create duplicate keys.

    DAppNode Step 3c

    DAppNode Step 3d

    DAppNode Step 3e

    DAppNode Step 3f

    You will be shown this once again before you need to confirm it by entering each word one at a time.

    DAppNode Step 3g

    DAppNode Step 3h

    Fill this with the mnemonic you just created to confirm.

    DAppNode Step 3i

    DAppNode Step 3j


    If you are running this program to generate keys within the context of the DAppNode <> Gnosis Chain Hardware Validator Incentive Program, make sure to generate 4 validators and to fill in the ETH1 Withdrawal Address Field with an address you have full control over. Also make sure to choose a directory that reflects the folder where you want the files to be saved.

    DAppNode Step 3k

    Confirm your keystore password.

    DAppNode Step 3l

    Select the folder where your keys should be saved.

    DAppNode Step 3m

    DAppNode Step 3n

    Confirm that your keys have been generated.

    DAppNode Step 3o

    The key generation is complete, and your keys have been saved to the folder you selected.