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Core Devs Call - 2024/05/08

· 2 min read
Lion - dapplion
Hard Fork Coordinator
Validator Comms Lead @ Gnosis
Head Of Infrastructure @ Gnosis

Welcome to the Gnosis Core Devs weekly gathering. Every Wednesday, key members from the Gnosis team, contributors, and various team representatives convene to discuss, collaborate, and update one another on the Gnosis ecosystem's progression.

Participants represent teams:

Erigon, Gateway, Nethermind, Geth, Gnosis DevOps, Gnosis Core Devs, Gnosis Comms team.

With a diverse set of voices present, our discussions are rich, multifaceted, and aim to foster innovation within the community.

Missed the meeting? Catch the full recording on Gnosis Chain YouTube channel.

May 08, 2024

Client Team Updates


  • Nethermind:

    • Snap sync and half-path published last week
    • Preparing for Pectra
  • Erigon:

    • Switched internal development to Erigon 3
    • Release candidate of Erigon v2.60.0
    • Erigon v3
      • Syncs way faster (doesn’t have to execute all blocks since genesis)
      • Granularity of state history is much finer
      • Should be cheaper to run because less data has to be on fast drives and colder history can be on cheaper disks
  • Geth:

    • No update

Chain Infra

  • Gateway
    • No update


  • Shutter
    • Nethermind now integrates with the keypers, nothing is hardcoded anymore
    • Working on a few stability improvements
      • Syncing / missed slots: fixed
      • Gossipsub disconnection issue still ongoing
      • Not receiving keys on time
      • Discovered an issue on the keyper side for key signing