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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 19/03/2021

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👷‍♂️ POSDAO & Protocol Updates


Epoch 48 ends around 22:30 UTC March 20. There are 16 validator pools with 253 delegators staking a total of 545,127 STAKE. Highest pool APY is currently 20.77%, lowest is 10.54%.(stats as of 19/03/2021 16:00 UTC).

Staking Statistics:

POSDAO contracts and the POSDAO staking app were successfully upgraded to the latest versions on March 18, 2021 at 8:00am UTC.

:map: Ecosystem Fund Roadmap

The xDai ecosystem unlocks will begin soon, and this will provide partner funding, additional bug bounties, a 1M grants program, and additional liquidity for xDai DEXs. The roadmap provides information about how the Ecosystem is planning to use these funds to increase adoption and usage. We will continue to add items as they arise.

:fox: MetaMask icon added to BlockScout and Omnibridge

The new icon is designed to make it easy to add new bridged tokens to your xDai wallet. When bridging, it appear in the OmniBridge interface, and is also available in BlockScout for any bridged token. The easiest way to access a list of bridged tokens is from the Tokens Dropdown.

🦋 Project News & Updates

xDai collaborates with Immunefi to offer $2 Million Bug Bounty for Bridge.

This is the largest know bug bounty currently in the Defi Space! As xDai usage continues to grow, security of user funds is our number one priority. Immunify is leading the way in the white hat space, and this collaboration sets a new standard for security. We plan to offer additional bounties for our other applications to provide xDai users piece of mind with the xDai protocol.


Streamr Data Unions brings 14K users immediately to xDai, with many more to follow. Data Unions enable sharing and consumption of decentralized data by connecting data providers with data buyers. Every Data Union will be deployed to xDai, and published to the Streamr Marketplace with built-in conduits to the Ethereum mainnet! and DAOfiDex is a crowdsale platform that allows users to purchase portions of NFTs by breaking the ERC-721s into a set of ERC-20s. DAOfiDex launched the dex for trading these sets on xDai to facilitate a fast, simple and inexpensive trading experience.

xDai <-> Polygon Bridge

Further expanding L2 sidechain interoperability, the 1Hive team deployed a Connext state channel bridge between xDai and Polygon (Matic). Users can simply and seamlessly move Dai on Polygon into xDai and vice versa, for very low transaction costs.

Origin Trail

The Origin Trail team is closing in on their V5 launch, tentatively scheduled for March 23.


Agave, and Aave fork coming soon to xDai, launched its new landing page. The $AGVE token is available to trade on HoneySwap, and the lending protocol is coming soon!