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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 23/07/2020

· 2 min read
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📡 Token & Exchange News

✅ Foundation and Advisor Token Releases: Foundation pledges 100% of token release until end of year to EasyStaking

Tokens were released successfully for Advisors and Foundation as described in the token release schedule. There will now be daily emissions for Foundation and Advisors and circulating supply will adjust accordingly. You can view the current circulating supply at any time on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap.

To support the protocol, the xDai Foundation announced that all token releases through the end of the year will be sent to EasyStaking!

✅ BitMax Stats Update

Stake and stakers continue to increase in the BitMax pre-staking StakeVault program. As we approach the end of the current staking initiative on August 6, BitMax will inform users and stakers about staking options going forward.

🏢 Development

✅ Unit Protocol

Unit Protocol is a new decentralized borrowing protocol designed to provide a lot of flexibility for users. When it goes live, borrowers can use a wide range of coins and tokens as collateral for stable loans. In their whitepaper, the primary use case describes using $STAKE as an underlying collateral. We will follow the protocol as it develops.

✅ Reddit Bake-Off Preview

We have been working hard on the Reddit Bake-off challenge. In this short video, we provide a sneak-peak of our load script as 1400 Claim transactions (simulating reddit users claiming MOON token distributions) are processed in less than 2 minutes.