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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 31/07/2020

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:cut_of_meat: Staking & 🍰 Baking

✅ The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off Entry Submitted

Challenge accepted! We spent a good portion of July load testing, launching an experimental 1 second block network called qDai and working with the Splunk team to create a beautiful custom dashboard. Winners will be announced in September. Check out our entry - we’re happy to answer any questions or comments in the Reddit thread.

✅ EasyStaking Coming in August

We are finishing up our audit with Quantstamp and implementing a shiny new UI for the August launch of EasyStaking. Stay tuned for details!

In the meantime, check out the basics on EasyStaking here. We’ll be updating our docs to reflect the latest changes as we go live.

Here are a couple of previews of the new UI:

👷‍♀️ Integrations

✅ 1st KickBack Event on xDai

The first official Kickback event successfully launched on xDai. Kickback is an RSVP and ticketing platform and it has deployed to xDai to avoid the large gas fees on Ethereum. Signup and event creation are easy, intuitive experiences, and a great way to host a virtual event with some accountability and potential rewards for participants and event organizers.

Events can be related to anything (crypto & non-crypto alike), but participants commit and receive rewards in xDai. This is a great onboarding to tool with real-world applications which introduces users to the power of xDai.

📰 Media

✅ xDai Sidechain added to L2 scaling solutions in EthHub Docs

Sidechains are sometimes overlooked as an effective L2 scaling solution, but we know different here at xDai! Ethhub is a wiki of all essential Ethereum information, and sidechains are now added to the Layer 2 Scaling section. xDai and TokenBridge are both highlighted as examples.

Read more here ->

:man_superhero: Community

✅ Twitter Banner Design Contest

We’ve launched a contest to design our Twitter banner with prizes in STAKE. Entries are due by August 20. If you are a designer, or know one, forward on the info to help elevate the xDai STAKE visual game!

Add your entry here: