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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 29/01/2021

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POSDAO & Protocol Updates


Epoch 42 has started, with 15 validator pools and 149 delegators staking a total of 447,425 STAKE (as of 29/01/2021 16:50 UTC).

Updated staking statistics for POSDAO on xDai & EasyStaking on Ethereum are available on the Dune Analytics Dashboard at

We are working to display additional statistics around expected APY for delegators within the staking application on BlockScout with plans to publish next week. Staking rewards vary based on several factors including the current quality of a validator's work (number of block skips) as well as the number of delegators in a pool. This display will help inform delegators when deciding which pools to stake into.

  • Pool Rewards: Based on number of blocks produced relative to other validators in the set during a staking epoch
  • Delegator Rewards: Vary based on how many delegators are in a pool and how many tokens a delegator has staked relative to other pool delegators.

xDai Network Transaction Milestone

10 Million Txs and counting on xDai!

Using STAKE in a Gnosis Safe for Governance

The Snapshot protocol is setup for voting by address rather than multi-sig contracts. However, with the help of WalletConnect, users can delegate STAKE stored in a Gnosis Safe on Ethereum to an address which can then vote on xDai proposals.

💸 Wallets

See the wallets section for more on the growing list of wallets that provide native support for xDai.

Alpha Wallet

WalletConnect support for xDai is now available with Alpha Wallet for both iOS and Android versions. In this explainer we show how to use it with HoneySwap to execute trades easily from your mobile wallet.

Torus Wallet

Torus add native xDai support to their OAuth enabled wallet.

🦋 Project Updates

Perpetual Protocol

Congrats to Perpetual Protocol - 7 weeks to the 3 comma club!


A powerful DAO framework that makes it easy for people all around the world to build the trustless, decentralized organizations of the future. Coming to Ethereum and xDai soon (contracts 95% complete - soft launch scheduled for Feb).

See the video below for a detailed run through and a sneak peak of many amazing platform features.

Dune Analytics

Gnosis, Perpetual Protocol and others are using Dune Analytics on xDai to display rich transaction and interaction data.