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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 12/02/2021

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🛎 Project Announcements

Ethereum projects have been working for months to explore and test different L2 solutions for their applications. These efforts are now beginning to bear fruit and go into production.

This week we had several big announcements of projects migrating to xDai so that their apps can be usable once again. High fees have been killing projects, and xDai is offers an easy-to-use, dev-friendly and highly interoperable solution.

Omen Prediction Markets
Note: You need a web3 enabled wallet like MetaMask to access, or access directly with a mobile wallet like Alpha or Status.

Vitalik Buterin believes prediction markets are one of the most interesting DeFi projects in the space. However, with high and unpredictable fees on Ethereum they can be difficult to use. Omen just launched on xDai, enabling users to make bets and create stable markets without having to worry about high tx costs or losing returns based on market conditions.


OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making global supply chains work. xDai is an ecosystem dedicated to making blockchains work. It's a perfect match! Excited to share more info about this innovative project and how xDai will help facilitate the Origin Trail Knowledge Economy.


RealT provides fractional real-estate opportunities for investors. Proper rent distributions to investors have been severely impacted by high gas prices, and the team has been exploring solutions since last September. After much research, they selected xDai for its maturity, dev-friendly ecosystem and philosophical alignment with their values. The xDai scaling solution will be live in the coming weeks.


Component is a flexible stable coin swap protocol now on xDai. They have created a pool with USDP/WxDAI/USDC, and the pool's liquidity providers will participate in the reward distribution in line with liquidity providers to current pools.


CoinGecko continues to support the xDai chain. Their latest feature allows users to add xDai-specific tokens directly to MetaMask from the CG interface.

Protocol Updates

🚰 xDai Faucet

A new faucet incorporated into BlockScout allows users to easily request $0.01 xDai. This is enough for several hundred transactions, and provides new users and applications an easy way to onboard without having to acquire xDai through the bridge or an exchange. The amount can be requested by an address once every 24 hours, effectively making transactions on xDai free.

🥩 POSDAO Updates

Epoch 44 has started, and there are currently (12/02/21 16:16 UTC) 16 validator pools and 184 delegators staking a total of 526,742 STAKE. Staking on xDai continues to grow week-over-week.

🐃 🦄 xDai at EthDenver

For the past several years, xDai has featured prominently at EthDenver, providing the underlying chain for the Burner Wallet so participants can purchase food and navigate the conference. This year there is no on-site wallet, but xDai is still being used behind the scenes for several conference activities.

DarkForest was the featured game in the BlockChain Arcade, the to allocate the 15,000 Dai Open Track prize pool is running on xDai, and of course all GitCoin Kudos and POAPs for attendees are minted on the xDai chain. We wish we could be there in person, but happy to support where we can!