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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 09/10/2020

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🎂 xDai turns 2!

The first block on xDai was created on October 8, 2018. We've come a long way since then!

Dark Forest on xDai

✅ DarkForest Universe Unfolds

Darkforest uses zksnarks to create the first large-scale, incomplete information game on a blockchain! This means players can make verifiable moves without disclosing exact details, and it promises to usher in a new era of blockchain gaming.

New strategies can be employed in this universe that were previously impossible, such as deception, betrayal, coordination etc. This "fog of war" is made possible by zksnark technology.
For more on this exciting achievement, see the Dark Forest blog.

The game uses an incredible amount of resources, and we've been working tirelessly to keep up with the increased load. Tx per day have increased to over 50k, and RPC request volume is extremely high. We are continuing to scale xDai in real-time with adoption of this game, finding new ways to optimize the network and working with the Dark Forest team to support this new class of resource-intensive blockchain experience.

✅ Dark Forest Block Explorer Theme

To further support the universe, BlockScout released a Dark Forest theme so users can view contract interactions related to the game. It keeps users engaged with the universe and supports gamers verifying and viewing their DF transactions.

Live view:

🌉 Bridge Engineering Updates

We've been making some improvements to the xDai bridge for entries and exits.

✅ xDai bridge fee optimization by disabling CHAI

A proposal was approved by xDai Bridge Governors (6 of 11 required for approval) to disable CHAI token support, saving gas for deposit and withdrawal operations. The CHAI savings rate has been 0 for some time and was causing unnecessary expenditure. All existing CHAI was swapped back to DAI in the bridge contract.

Proposal Details

✅ xDai exit increased decentralization by enabling user controlled claims on Ethereum

The main goal of these changes is to provide additional decentralization and control for bridge users – users no longer need to rely on bridge oracles to relay confirmations on the xDai chain side to the Ethereum Mainnet.

📰 Projects on xDai News

✅ NFT Untitled Hackathon Begins

✅ Pocket Network supports xDai at ETHOnline

✅ Powerpool governance voting on xDai

✅ PrimeDAO first xDai DAO listed on DeepDAO