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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 04/06/2021

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POSDAO Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 59.
****There are 17 validator pools with 278 delegators - over 200 of them are unique - staking a total of 652,442 STAKE.

High pool APY is currently 28.88%, low is 5.5% (stats as of 04/06/2021 16:00 UTC).

New Validator Pool

Another new validator pool onboarded to POSDAO, bringing the current total to 17 active pools.

Staking on xDai

Over 650K STAKE is now protecting the protocol on xDai. In the past month (since May 4) the amount has increased from 558069 to 652442, a nearly 15% increase in STAKE protecting the protocol . Source:

Transaction Fees Display

Dune Analytics dashboards now include transaction fee metrics, including total transaction fees paid per day, per month, and per project/day. These help give insight into general usage trends as well as granular usage by project. Source:

🦋 Project Updates

HoneyComb Farm

High yield HoneyComb farms launched on the Honeyswap platform. Farming has already brought additional liquidity to the ecosystem, resulting in an ATH for Honeyswap.


Rubic exchange is integrating xDai to enable decentralized cross-chain swaps.


xDai was added to the CryptoFees site and is in the top 15 for projects/chains. Learn more about the metrics and how xDai stacks up here.


Ankr continues to support xDai and is building out their docs to include easy setup instructions.


Peerion is bringing liquid staking to STAKE holders. Now users with a minimum of 20 STAKE can participate in consensus by joining the peerion validator pool co-op.


Users can withdraw DATA for free and utilize HoneySwap to trade earnings.


Darkforest continues to dominate on xDai, accounting for more than 50% of xDai transactions and 36% of gas usage on June 3! UX improvements like auto-confirmation with a burner wallet are helping drive massive usage from this popular application.