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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 26/06/2020

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📡 Exchange News

STAKE token listed on IDEX

The community spoke 📣……we listened👂

  • Easy-to-use trading interface

  • On ramp for additional audience

  • Exposure for STAKE & increased trading volume

  • Ability to place limit orders as well as market orders

  • Semi-decentralized, hybrid infrastructure composed of on-chain fund storage and settlement along with off-chain trade submission engine.

  • Relatively low fees: **** 0.2% for the market taker and 0.1% for the market maker + gas fee

  • New traders get instant verification with a name, birthdate and citizenship country for Tier 1 trading. This means unlimited trades and withdrawals of up to $5000 per day. \

  • Announcement:

  • Listing link:

  • More on IDEX:

✅ Sowing xDai DeFi seeds

We continue to add market liquidity through DeFi mechanisms. When public staking and Easy Staking starts, these seeds will bear fruit! Farming with sustainable levels of growth and predictable accumulation for stakers.

🏢 Development

Gas Limit Increase

Ethereum Mainnet miners increased the block gas limit from 10M to 12.5M gas/block ( To maintain xDai smart contract compatibility with ETH, xDai validators are also increasing the gas limit. This will result in 20% gains in tx throughput when needed!

More info on upgrade:

Nifty Wallet Update

Nifty Wallet provides native support for the xDai chain. It's a great MetaMask alternative and offers additional functionality. The latest upgrade to 5.1.1 lets users import accounts with 24 word seed phrases, easily send max balances and more.

Nifty Wallet link:

📰 Media

✅ BlockTalks Content Creation Challenge Winners

Thanks to all who participated - 5 winners were announced and each received $50 USD worth of STAKE tokens.

✅ Reddit Scaling Competition

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to shine a spotlight on xDai scaling attributes and will compete in the Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off! There will be some formidable teams, and we are ready to showcase the unique features of xDai and the benefits it brings to the ecosystem as a whole.