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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 15/05/2020

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STAKE is now available for trading on 1inch is a DEX aggregator, as more DEXs add STAKE (currently UniSwap is the first STAKE DEX) you can use 1inch to find the best rates and even split trades across multiple DEXs.

Etherscan Overview

Etherscan now includes a price fee and other useful information for the STAKE token.

CoinMarketCal listings

Check out the latest xDai STAKE events (like upcoming AMAs on 20 & 27 May) on the CoinMarketCal site. You can also add them to your calendar and include reminders. Upvote listings to increase their exposure!

AMA Recaps

xDai STAKE was featured in 2 AMAs over the week. Checkout the links below for answers to Twitter and live Telegram channels!

Biconomy Integration

xDai DApp developers can now use Biconomy to give users an improved UX with gasless transactions.

Instructions and links are available here: ****

✅ Burner Wallet xDai Giveaway

The CryptoMonk ran a cool Burner Wallet promotion to get community members involved with the Burner Wallet.