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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 28/08/2020

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:man_raising_hand: Community Investment

✅ SpankChain Validator and Migration

Ameen on xDai: "I’m putting my money where my mouth is, so I recently bought 20K+ STAKE on behalf of SpankChain, and another 20K on behalf of MetaCartel Ventures so both orgs can stake on xDAI by running validator nodes and help secure the network. I’m also excited to announce that SpankChain will be relocating the SpankBank to xDAI in the coming week"

✅ MetaCartel Venture_DAO support

Listings & Integrations

✓ Mooniswap

Mooniswap added the ETH-STAKE pair to their early liquidity mining program!

We are also considering adding the Mooniswap pool to the EasyStaking LP rewards program. Vote and give your opinion here.


The dashboard provides a great overall view of your DeFi investments, and STAKE is now included!

:frame_photo: App News

✅ Nifty.Ink Alpha

A fun project from Austin Griffith that provides artists with easy onboarding. Alpha prototype at this point, but we expect the innovation to continue with cryptoart on xDai!

✅ Powerpool

Powerpool tested their protocol on xDai last week, and the CVP token was released this week! PowerPool is a protocol for pooling governance tokens (GTs) and it is rapidly moving towards a live implementation on xDai.

📰 Media

✅ AMA with CryptoWolf

We had a good time talking with CryptoWolf about the past, present and future of xDai. The full interview is available here:

✅ AWS Marketplace tweets on xDai custom tokens

✅ Quantstamp Report

xDai was one of many stablecoins featured in the report on security and adoption.

✅ DAOHaus Migration Guide

:man_superhero: xDai Community

✅ Twitter Banner Design Contest Extended

We’ve launched a contest to design our Twitter banner with prizes in STAKE. Entries have been extended to a TBD date. If you are a designer, or know one, forward on the info to help elevate the xDai STAKE visual game!

Add your entry here: