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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 08/01/2021

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We're excited to welcome in a new year with public POSDAO in production, STAKE governance and many exciting integrations on the horizon. We'll be updating our 2021 Roadmap over the next few weeks with additional development and project goals for the year.

Chain Usage Updates

xDai usage has already hit milestones in 2021! Since Jan 2 xDai has handled over 100K Tx/day.

Usage from the current Dark Forest round as well as increased adoption of trading platform have led the tx/day charge. Gas usage has also been increasing. As DF tweeted, gas usage on xDai exceeded gas usage on Ethereum in the first week of 2021. We expect some usage to taper off as the DF round ends at 11:59 pm EST, and it's been a great example of xDai's ability to scale and support applications that simply can't run on Ethereum at the moment.

:woman_astronaut: POSDAO Update

Public Staking on POSDAO continues to gain traction, with close to 100 delegators (80 unique) participating and nearing 400K STAKE staked in the protocol. We are excited to welcome our first 100 unique active delegators with an exclusive POAP - details coming soon. To be eligible, we recommend delegating in epoch 39!

BlockScout incorporated a new Apps Menu which includes links to Staking, EasyStaking and more.\

🦋 New Projects



Aagave Coming Soon

Aagave will include Aave fuctionality with a custom front end and other features!

:newspaper2: Project News

Gitcoin Grants GR8 Awards

Winners were announced for xDai applicants. $3000 in Dai was distributed by xDai and StakeHaus to the top 3 projects. Learn more about the projects here.