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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 02/07/2021

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POSDAO & Protocol Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 63.
****There are 17 validator pools with 345 delegators( ⬆️ 5% from previous week) **** staking a total of 657,860 STAKE ( ⬆️ 2% from previous week).

High pool APY is currently 18.4%, low is 11.3% (stats as of 25/06/2021 15:00 UTC).

Protocol News

:heavy_check_mark: POSDAO Audit Completed

An audit of the POSDAO protocol was completed by the Chain Security team. The final report is now available here. Look for updates to the xDai Staking Protocol (lowered validator minimums) coming soon!

:man_raising_hand: BootNode Validator Snapshot vote

The BootNode team added a forum proposal to become a validator on xDai last week, and the proposal is now up for a vote on Snapshot. The community can vote with STAKE on Ethereum or STAKE on xDai. The vote ends on July 4 🎇

🦋 Project Updates

Curve comes to xDai!

HOPR trading on xDai directly with Ascendex

Dark Forest Round 2 Begins

Hedgey Financial Derivatives Protocol Launch

Pillar Wallet Support

YFX Trading Competition

Swarm and xDai Article

Omen EURO Prediction Markets

DxDAO Farming Campaign