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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 28/05/2021

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👷‍♀️ POSDAO Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 58.
There are 16 validator pools with 272 delegators staking a total of 608,769 STAKE - over 75% of the total STAKE supply on xDai.

The new Stakefish pool has the highest amount staked, with 97K+ in the pool.

High pool APY is currently 18.28%, low is 10.92% (stats as of 28/05/2021 14:30 UTC).

✏️ Protocol Updates

Prior Pending Claims Amnesty

Assets worth more than 360K were sent to users on Ethereum from prior pending claims from the xDaiBridge and the Omnibridge. These assets consisted of pending claims where users had not completed the process on mainnet. Many had been in the contract for months. The funds were released from the bridge contracts and the xDai team paid the tx fees totaling 9.65 ETH for over 1000 transactions. This was a one-time event with no immediate plans for future amnesty.

xDai Bridge

  • Amount: 160K DAI
  • Addresses: 461
  • Tx Fees: 3.58 ETH
  • USD equivalent: $8,985.00
  • USD cost avg per tx: $19.50


  • Amount: 200K+ USD value
  • Addresses: 570
  • Tx Fees: 6.06 ETH
  • USD equivalent: $15,200.00
  • USD cost avg per tx: $26.66

OmniBridge AutoFaucet

To assist new user onboarding, and automatic faucet feature was added to the OmniBridge. Users moving assets over the Omnibridge from Ethereum or BSC to xDai now also automatically receive $.01 xDai* in addition to their bridged asset. This can be used to process transactions and swap some of their remaining assets into xDai as required. Over 500 faucet transactions have been processed since this feature was implemented on May 22.

*Only non-contract wallets with a 0 xDai balance receive xDai.

📊 Network Statistics

New Monthly ATH for Txs

xDai continues to see month-over-month usage and transactional growth. 6.3M transactions have been processed in the past 30 days. Source:

Gas Usage per Day

A new metric was added to measure gas use percentage. Gas usage is often a more telling metric than txs per day, as it captures the total use for all types of transactions, including resource intensive ones (some complex contract transactions can exceed 7M gas for 1 tx for example). Several high resource transactions can fill an entire block.

Staking on xDai

Over 600K STAKE is now protecting the protocol on xDai, over 75% of STAKE supply available on the network. Source:

🦋 Project Updates

DarkForest v0.6

A new round of darkforest is live on xDai! DF transactions have already surpassed Perpetual Protocol to claim the #1 spot for most daily txs by a single application on xDai.

Clover Finance Integration

Orchid on Android

Omen Prediction Market Contest

10K in rewards for the new market contest. Top 5 markets win 1500 xDAI and 750 REP on xDXdao Next 5 markets win 500 xDAI and 250 REP on xDXdao.

DxSale xDai Support

DxSale application allows users to create, launch and secure tokens. They offer multi-chain support and now include xDai support.