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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 02/10/2020

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✓ Untitled NFT Hackathon

xDai will be a main sponsor for the Untitled NFT Hackathon starting October 8

✓ Double KickBack

xDai sponsoring the Double KickBack campaign to bring more users and easy onboarding to KickBack.

🦋 Project Migrations

✓ POAP Proof of Attendance Protocol launches on xDai

✓ PrimeDAO v1 on xDai

✓ Coinosis

:tools: Tools

✓ xDai Faucet

✓ Minerva Wallet

✓ DappQuery Data Visualization

📰 Media & Presentations

✓ xDai Team presents at ENS Workshop

✓ Igor Interview with AltCoinBuzz

✓ xMoons on CoinDesk & CoinTelegraph

✓xMoon Composability Article

Explainer on buying MOONs for use on Reddit

🎨 Nifty.Ink Contest Winners

We ran a contest for some Nifty.Ink entries. Here are the winners