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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 05/06/2020

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✅ 672K+ STAKE now pre-staked in BitMax StakeVault Program

See regular updates and details on the Pre-Staking Program page

Follow the latest stats on Bitmax Twitter -

📰 Media

✅ BlockFolio Signal

STAKE is now on BlockFolio Signal, providing an easy way to get the latest news and updates from the xDAi STAKE project.

✅ BlockTalks Content Creation Challenge

BlockTalks is running a content creation challenge until 20 June. Write an article to participate, then submit to the form below when you are finished.

🏢 Features & Development

✅ $STAKE & $xDai on Discord with bot

xDai has been functional with the bot for some time, now it can be used with STAKE as well on any Discord server where is installed. Join the xDai channel and participate in airdrops, games and more.

✅ Staking UI Sneak Peek

Our UI for public staking is undergoing testing with different parameters. It will be incorporated directly into BlockScout block explorer for a seamless user experience. We created a quick video and some screen shots to show how intuitive staking will be.

:man_superhero: Community

Community engagement is strong and members and followers continue to grow. This week community member Romeo Dre worked with Mihail Kiselev to create a STAKE (steak) themed telegram animated sticker pack.