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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 15/01/2021

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👩🏫 POSDAO Updates

Staking Epoch 40 is now active with 14 validator pools and ~121 delegators. During epoch 39 a validator pool was inactivated (mining address 0xb76756f95A9fB6ff9ad3E6cb41b734c1bd805103) due to excessive downtime.

Delegators on this pool (which happened to have the most delegators) received a smaller initial reward due to this downtime and associated block skips. Because staking epoch 39 was one of the first 3 staking epochs for delegators, and information on inactive pools was not readily available, staking rewards were distributed manually via Disperse, an open source built by core YFI contributor Banteg.

We’ve updated our information and FAQs for inactive validators, and we don’t expect a manual distribution to happen again in the future. With POSDAO staking there are inherent risks, and it is important for delegators to realize these risks and delegate appropriately.

Now that the epoch is complete, participants who delegated on this validator can to move their stake to other pools, claim existing rewards or withdraw as desired.This inactivation also highlighted the need for additional monitoring tools on validator health, and we are working to implement monitoring which will provide additional insights into validator performance. Currently, the Netstat tool at provides basic network performance metrics and can be useful when considering which validators to delegate on. *Note several additional non-validating nodes are also shown in the interface.


100 unique delegators have now actively participated in the protocol (with active STAKE in at least 1 staking epoch), and we plan to distribute an exclusive POAP to the first 100 by the end of the month. More information coming soon!


The BlockScout menu was updated to include links to the POSDAO Staking App as well as EasyStaking, Bridges, and other xDai-centric applications.

🐦 Twitter Update

After nearly a month, the xDai twitter account was finally unsuspended! We did not receive any information as to why it was suspended and assume it was a mistake, likely brought by an overly-sensitive AI 🤖 . We appreciate our community's patience and advocacy through the process and were confident it would be unsuspended. The timing of the suspension was unfortunate as it occurred right when public POSDAO was rolling out! We've resumed tweeting, and sent out a brief tweet updating the twitterverse on a few highlights they missed while we were away.

🧺 MakerDAO Collateral Meeting

Igor and Andrew along with special guest Patricio from POAP participated in a Maker Protocol Collateral Onboarding call. They presented on xDai and STAKE basics and answered questions from the community. It was an interesting discussion and Patricio in particular highlighted the benefits xDai offers to projects who need scalability now.

Next, the Maker risk management group will consider STAKE as a Dai collateral. We will provide more information as we receive it.

⏳ EasyStaking Dashboard: Dune Analytics

We are creating some dashboards with Dune Analytics. The EasyStaking dashboard on Ethereum shows some basics, and we are working to improve to include additional metrics. Look for more dashboards soon!

🦋 Project Updates

Dark Forest

The latest DarkForest competitive round has wrapped up, although community gameplay is ongoing.

v0.5 Winners Announcement:

Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual had a very successful month of trading on xDai. Excited to see the protocol and related volumes continuing to grow!


UNIFTY has added xDai support. Unifty is a new hub for NFT projects to create custom farms, NFT collections (and soon a lot more) with just a few clicks!

Cold Truth Culture is an example project using UNIFTY to expand NFT awareness.