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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 25/06/2021

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POSDAO & Protocol Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 62.
****There are 17 validator pools with 328 delegators( ⬆️ 11% from previous week) **** staking a total of 643,380 STAKE ( ⬆️ 3% from previous week).

High pool APY is currently 17.63%, low is 13.8% (stats as of 25/06/2021 15:00 UTC).

Prototol News

:green_heart: Green NFTs on xDai

We published an article on the amount of energy projects can save by moving NFT operations to xDai. The results are 👀 opening! Leaders in the space such as the Crypto stamp project from the Austrian Post are looking for alternatives and finding xDai is a natural fit.

:calendar_spiral: Daily Active Accounts

Active accounts on xDai have show huge gains this week, driven by the new Swarm integration. In an informative tweet, Igor Barinov reported on this increase along with some insightful comparisons to the Polygon ecosystem for context.

:man_raising_hand: BootNode Validator Application

BootNode is a relatively new company, but the founder Manual has a long history of supporting xDai. Previously he was the C*O at Protofire and one of the original 4 validators on the xDai chain. The BootNode application highlights the new team and the additional decentralization they will bring. "BootNode aims to bootstrap a self-sustainable, production-grade network and bridge validator."

The proposal is now open for any comments, and a snapshot vote will follow in the coming week.

🦋 Project Updates


Swarm has integrated with xDai, and the bee client now runs on xDai to provide data availability, security and resiliency. BZZ airdrop on xDai is coming soon for holders of aBZZ tokens on Goerli August 2, 2020. This will give node operators and users instant access to the infrastructure on xDai without having to bridge from the Ethereum mainnet.

Crypto stamp

100k CS3 stamps sold out on the first day of the Crypto stamp launch! 5000 CS3 NFTs were sold directly on xDai Chain in just over 5 hours, ~1400 Presale tokens redeemed for "real" CS3 NFTs and over 12k colors/rarities were revealed for such NFTs during launch day.

Dark Forest

Dark Forest Round 2: Inspired Hallowed will begin on Monday, June 28 with a number of improvements and optimizations. This round will last 9 days, ending on Wednesday July 7th at 9PM PT.


The community market competition wrapped up with more than 160 community ideas for new markets. 10 markets were created, including several about xDai and STAKE, the Summer Olympics, Arbitrum, Aave, and more.


DxDao is lauching several Farming Campaigns on Swapr on xDai. Campaigns include:

  • WETH/xDXD unlocked — 4-week standard campaign with 8.1 WETH and 38.5 xDXD as dual rewards
  • WETH/xDXD locked — 6-week staking cap and time lock campaign with 6.1 WETH and 96.2 xDXD as dual rewards


GetBlock has seen a large increase in usage thanks to the Swarm integration on xDai. Their infrastructure provides easy node access for users.


TokenPocket multi-chain wallet supports xDai. They released a quick start guide to easily add xDai to their wallet infrastructure.