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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 23/10/2020

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:woman_astronaut: Launching on xDai

✓ Gnosis Safe

Gnosis Safe multi-sig capabilities bring new security and interaction capabilities to xDai. Now users can create wallets and interact with contracts while requiring multiple signatures. It's a big step for collaborators and asset management functionality from the expert team at Gnosis. Basic Safe Tutorials are here and on the Gnosis Safe site.

✓Perpetual Protocol

Excited to welcome Perpetual Protocol to xDai! They released an excellent post outlining why they selected xDai as a scaling solution.

🦋 Project News

✓ Foundation L2 post

✓ Argent Wallet STAKE support

✓ Dark Forest Recap

Dark Forest released an overview of their Beta and recap of challenges and learnings. Almost 600 players and made over 250k transactions on xDai, consuming over 100B gas.

✓ Gitcoin Kudos Integration

✓ Ministry of Achievement

This joint effort between@Meta_Cartel ,@RaidGuild , and@MetaFam started by rewarding Gitcoin grant providers, and will continue with more initiatives to support and grow community. Using the xDai chain for distribution helps keep costs very low.

:tools: Tech and Distribution Updates

✓ Bridge Troubleshooting

We continue to expand our troubleshooting guide as edge cases appear when bridging between xDai and Dai. If you are having any issues, check out this page first, and if issues continue, reach out in Discord for additional assistance.

✓ LP Distribution Round 7

📰 Media

✓ Today in DeFi Thread

✓ Coindesk on Circles UBI & xDai