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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 30/10/2020

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🌉 xDai Bridge Governance Update

Following a successful Gnosis Safe implementation on xDai, a Board of Governors is now activate on both sides of the xDai bridge.

At present there are 11 governors responsible for managing bridge operations. 6/11 signatures are required to approve any management proposal and may include contract updates, parameter changes like limits and fees, and bridge validator set updates.

🏢 Current Projects

✓ Perpetual Protocol Testnet is Live on xDai

Perpetual Protocol announced their live testnet and trading competition.

✓ NFT drop

Foundation dropped some new NFTs on xDai from an exclusive group of artists. Auctions are ongoing.

🦋 New Projects & Tools

✓ on xDai funds allocation protocol is live and matching funds for public goods on Ethereum. We also asked Auryn Macmillan a few questions about the project.

✓ Frame supports xDai Network

:newspaper2: Media

Our Network is an on-chain analytics newsletter that reaches nearly 6000 crypto investors, analysts, researchers, and builders every week 📈. This week our contributor analysts cover Ethereum Scaling: xDai, SKALE, and zkSync.