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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 12/06/2020

· 2 min read
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📰 Articles & Media

✅ xDai vs Matic

In this article we look at the similarities and differences between these two chains. Both offer scaling solutions and tradeoffs for users.

✅ Meta Transactions

We released a technical explainer which highlights the importance of Meta Transactions and how they work the Burner Wallet link claiming functionality.


xDai STAKE has been added to The site offers a simple calculator you can use to approximate Monthly and Annual rewards once public staking begins. A calculator will also be incorporated into the Easy Staking application when it goes live.

✅ BlockTalks Content Creation Challenge

BlockTalks content creation challenge is ongoing until 20 June. Write an article to participate, then submit to the form below when you are finished.

🏢 Development

✅ EasyStaking ongoing development

We continue to refine our model for easy staking. This will provide a second staking option for users with STAKE on the Ethereum Mainnet and a way to incorporate staking into 3rd party applications. In addition, we are researching ways to provide STAKE rewards for Liquidity Pools on Uniswap and other advanced incentives. The EasyStaking UI is also undergoing improvements including:

  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • Dynamic display continually updates your STAKE rewards
  • Built-in staking calculator

:man_superhero: Community

Social Engagement and Telegram followers continue to grow and engage with each other in meaningful dialogue. We'd like to thank our respectful and thoughtful community members who are eager to learn more about xDai and STAKE and bring about real-world crypto adoption.