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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 11/09/2020

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:cut_of_meat: $STAKE Integrations

✓ Loopring Pay

Transfer STAKE on Loopring, a zk rollup platform for secure and fast transfers.

✓ StakingRewards

STAKE listed on Explore potential rewards for different EasyStaking and Liquidity Providing scenarios.

✓ Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi wallet now supports STAKE.

✓ Parachute ParJar wallet

The community came together to vote in STAKE! More information on the listing coming soon!

💻 Dev News

✅ AnyBlock Analytics Dashboard

New dashboards by AnyBlock Analytics let users compare tokens across chains, quickly displaying token metrics like owner addresses, volume, and transfers per month.

✅ PrinterDAO Print Token

A token deployed on xDai designed to empower artists and DAOs.

✅ KickBack Events on xDai

🎨 Nifty.Ink

Nifty.Ink developed by Austin Griffith and Adam Fuller is getting a lot of attention from the community. Here are a few mentions from the week:

✅ NFT Mint and Transfer Use Case

NFTs can go beyond simple tokens to include crypto art, digital art, collectibles, ticketing, gaming, digital ownership and much more. Read our post about Non-fungible tokens and how xDai can facilitate adoption.

✅ Ink by Aave Founder and CEO Stani Kulechov

✅ Nifty.Ink Contest goes until Sept 17

With Nifty.Ink anyone can draw and mint an NFT to xDai. BlockTalks and xDai are sponsoring a crypto art contest with a $250 prize pool.

:man_superhero: xDai Community

✅ Twitter Banner Design Contest

We’ve launched a contest to design our Twitter banner with prizes in STAKE. Entries have been extended to a TBD date. If you are a designer, or know one, forward on the info to help elevate the xDai STAKE visual game!

Add your entry here: