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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 26/02/2021

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:construction_worker: POSDAO & Protocol Updates


Epoch 45 is finishing shortly. Currently there are 16 validator pools with 219 delegators staking a total of 515,998 STAKE (as of 26/02/2021 14:30 UTC).

This Week:

  • Usage surpassed 200K txs per day on _24/02/2021. _
  • Market cap (Dai + tokens bridged with OmniBridge) increased to over 100M on _25/02/2021_. It has increased over 100% this week, in large part due to the HOPR token distribution.

Staking Statistics:

Binance Smart Chain OmniBridge

The bridge between xDai and BSC is providing users additional and unique options for cross-chain interoperability. One aspect of the bridge is that 2 instances of the same token can co-exist (ie USDC bridged from Ethereum and USDC bridged from BSC). Component exchange is available to convert these stable tokens between instances. We have a Component tutorial available here, as well as a general tutorial on using the BSC OmniBridge.

🦋 Project News

HOPR Launch

The HOPR community presale on xDai was fast and furious, amounting to the biggest token distribution ever on xDai. The HOPR token on xDai has increased the total market cap significantly.

DAOs on xDai

xDai provides an xCellent fit for DAOs looking extend voting functionality and membership options. DaoHaus powers DAO formation and organization, and new and existing DAOs on xDai are building the decentralized future.

BenchMark Protocol

Benchmark and the xMark token are now on xDai, providing cross-chain interop.

GU Stakes

This unique app lets users stake on 1v1 Gods Unchained matchups. A fun way to make a fun game on Ethereum even more fun with xDai!

Defi Wizard

DeFi Wizard lets anyone spin up a DeFi project in minutes, and xDai is supported! Learn more about how you can easily create a token, staking contract and much more with their no-code interface.

Reality Cards Testnet

The new Reality Cards is a prediction market and NFT collection platform rolled into one. The testnet version on Sokol is now live for users to try and see the future of prediction markets. Reality Cards will launch on xDai later this year.