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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 18/09/2020

· 2 min read
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🤝 Integrations on xDai

🎉 2 Big Announcements this week!

🦉 Gnosis

Gnosis partnership announced! We're so excited for Gnosis to start deploying their entire tech stack on xDai and begin solving the Ethereum gas crisis.


The HOPR Network incentivized testnet is running on xDai. HOPR testnet participants will be the first to gain access to future ERC-20 HOPR tokens, which will be distributed with the HOPR mainnet launch in late 2020.

🦋 Migrations

✅ Commons Stack & Conviction Voting

✅ Reality Cards

✅ 0xMonero

✅ SablierHQ

✅ EthicHub

💻 Development News

✅ Round 2 Liquidity Pool Distributions

LP distributions went out to the top 100 liquidity pools. Distributions included those participating in SakeSwap.

✅ WalletConnect Integration with EasyStaking

See our simple instructions for connecting your wallet to EasyStaking.

✅ Unit Protocol using STAKE

✅ Powerpool Gamma

✅ Weenus Test Tokens on xDai

🎨 Design Contests

Two art contests are still ongoing - prizes for Nifty Ink and Twitter Banner designs: