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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 03/07/2020

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📡 $STAKE & Exchange News

✅ After 2 Months, 943K+ STAKE is pre-staked in BitMax StakeVault Program

As we enter July, the pre-staking program is 2 months old and interest and participation continues to grow. Historical details and updates can be found on the Pre-Staking Program page.

July 2020

DateSTAKE amount pre-staked

✅ STAKE officially added to Balancer Pools

While the STAKE Balancer pool has been active for several weeks, the token was still in pending mode as the Balancer team made sure it met criteria for inclusion (many tokens are denied a listing here). STAKE passed the test and is now officially added to Balancer.

👷‍♀️ Integrations & Development

✅ KickBack X Deployment

KickBack creates accountability for event participants. Every participant who RSVPs puts in a small deposit. If they attend, they receive the deposit back. If not, the deposit is forfeit and split among the remaining group members. With high fees on Ethereum, creating events and RSVPing is becoming costly. KickBack has deployed a version to xDai, along with some other new features.

✅ BlockNative support

Blocknative now supports xDai with advanced notification tools and an onboarding tool that devs can use for wallet integration.

✅ xMoon.Exchange MVDEX

Austin Griffith has created a Minimal Viable Decentralized Exchange (MVDEX) on xDai for exchanging and trading Reddit MOON Tokens. The UI let users bridge Dai from Ethereum to xDai, and Moons from Rinkeby to xMoons on xDai. Here, users can trade xMoons for xDai and vice versa!

📰 Media

✅ Chico Crypto hypes xDai tech

While this video centers on the Energy Web(EW) Chain, Chico talks about interoperability and the tools EW is leveraging, including the TokenBridge that sits at the heart of the xDai Chain. Many projects are finding the open-source tools developed and maintained by POA and xDai (specifically BlockScout & TokenBridge) vital to their specific use-cases.