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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 05/02/2021

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📡 xDai Stable Coin Listed on AscendEX (BitMax)

The xDai/USDT pair has been listed on Bitmax. Now users can acquire xDai directly through the exchange without needing to bridge from Ethereum. This saves xDai users money on gas and provides a direct conduit to the xDai Chain. BitMax offers trading for both xDai/USDT and STAKE/USDT.

:construction_worker: POSDAO & Protocol Updates


Epoch 43 has started, with 16 validator pools and 173 delegators staking a total of 502,312 STAKE (as of 05/02/2021 17:00 UTC).

Staking Statistics:

✓ APY View added to BlockScout POSDAO Staking DApp

The POSDAO staking APY is dynamic and varies from pool-to-pool based on the number of delegators, the number of blocks skipped by a validator, and rewards from bridge fees. Current estimated APY varies from ~7.9% to almost 22% depending on the validator pool.

Learn more about how staking APY is calculated for different pools.

✓ OmniBridge: New Features Increase Decentralization

The latest OmniBridge release provides important new functionality for users bridging ERC20s between Ethereum and xDai. The biggest change is the new claiming feature, where users take control of claims when moving tokens from xDai to Ethereum. Other updates include:

  • Set “unlimited” unlock for tokens, reducing the need to process the unlock transaction each time.
  • Set an alternative RPC url in the Settings window
  • MOON and HNY tokens can now be transferred from xDai to Ethereum with the bridge! As a result, HNY tokens are now listed on Sushiswap.
  • More on the Claiming Process available here.

:writing_hand: Proposal Updates

✓ Maker Proposal Greenlit

The Maker Community voted overwhelmingly to Greenlight STAKE for consideration as a DAI collateral. Next, MAKER internal teams will review and evaluate STAKE for inclusion.

🍣 SushiSwap Onsen Proposal

We created a proposal to add STAKE (STAKE-ETH pair) to the SushiSwap Onsen menu. Onsen is a new liquidity mining incentivization program intended to bring positive long-term liquidity changes as well as ensure platform stability.

🦋 Project Updates

:man_astronaut: Xion DeFi DApp

Xion Global offers an intuitive and fun platform to earn interest and get rewards for crypto deposits through the platform. Swapping and farming all take place on xDai.

🍰 DollarCake Beta

The latest version of DollarCake is available for devs and Youtube video creators. DollarCake is designed to help YouTube creators and their communities earn crypto.

🦆 Unit Protocol Update

STAKE is available as a collateral on Unit Protocol, and the stability fee was reduced this week.

🌠 Block Monitor Integration

Block Monitor now allows users to view cross-chain accounts (xDai and Mainet) and monitor both xDai balances and STAKE balances on Ethereum!