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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 26/03/2021

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👷‍♀️ POSDAO & Protocol Updates


Epoch 49 ends around 04:40 UTC March 28. There are 16 validator pools with 265 delegators staking a total of 561,890 STAKE. High pool APY is currently 20.01%, low is 9.99% (stats as of 26/03/2021 14:15 UTC).

:money_mouth: 1 Million Wallets Milestone

🧗‍♀️ Staking Steady Climb

Stakers continue to add to the protocol and receive staking rewards. Over 23,500 STAKE have been claimed by participants as rewards for securing the protocol.

🌉 Bridge Update

The new state-channels bridge from 1Hive and Connext is a fast and simple Dai bridge between xDai and Polygon. A new era of interoperability begins!

🦋 Project News & Updates

:cherry_blossom: Orchid Protocol Integration

Orchid announced an xDai integration, providing pay-as-you-go VPN for as little as $1.00. By using xDai, Orchid is able to provide accessible and affordable VPN service for the global community.

:satellite_orbital: Origin Trail Live

Origin Trail is now live on xDai. Uploaded datasets have already reached an all time high with the integration!

🤝 Giveth Platform Launch

The new Giveth platform supports Ethereum and xDai! Projects can create campaigns and collect donations in a variety of supported tokens. Giving is easy too! With the Torus integration philanthropists can interact using an email, google, twitter, facebook etc. The platform is designed to bring in new users to blockchain through a friendly UX.

🦉 Minerva Wallet

Minerva mobile wallet provides a unique 'Multi-Account-Multi-Network' user interface simplifies privacy and avoids account linkages. It is tightly integrated with xDai and their token launch provides funding for the project to provide additional key integrations, such as fiat onramps, swaps and bridge integrations and a roadmap for Circles UBI, BrightID and more. They are using Superfluid on xDai to stream their airdrop - another innovation!

:ferris_wheel: Funfair Labs Payloads Game

FunFair labs is launching their first game on xDai. Payloads is a fun casino style game where players choose a square and win if a payload is dropped nearby.

💰 imToken Wallet Support

imToken mobile wallet provides browser support and wallet interaction for your favorite applications on xDai. This multi-chain wallet makes for intuitive cross-chain interaction.

📰 MyCrypto xDai Wallet Support and Article Series

MyCrypto browser wallet and app supports xDai. They recently released a 3-part series about the xDai chain. Read more :point_down: