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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 06/11/2020

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As announced on November 6, 2020, xDai is extremely excited to integrate Chainlink with help from the Protofire team! We will share updates and details as the integration progresses and projects can use the Chainlink decentralized oracles.

Now through the help of Protofire and Chainlink, we will soon be able to connect xDai applications to the outside world, giving developers access to Chainlink price feeds, a source of provably fair randomness, and virtually any off-chain API they require to build end-to-end applications. This greatly expands what developers can build on xDai while retaining key security properties critical to the value of all blockchain applications.”

-- Igor Barinov, xDai Founder & Lead Developer

✓ Integration Announcement

🦋 Projects & Tools

✓ Circles UBI

Circles has seen massive interest as a new tool for receiving and distributing Universal Basic income on the blockchain. A new theme from the Blockscout team provides a seamless experience for users exploring CRC transactions on xDai.

✓ Gnosis Mesa DApp trading

Gnosis Protocol is a fully permissionless DEX that uses consecutive 5 minute batch auctions to settle orders. You can trade on Gnosis Protocol using Mesa, the first dapp built on the protocol, developed and maintained by the DXdao and now available on xDai!

See the guide below to see how to move funds from Mainnet to xDai, place an order on Mesa, and then return your funds to Ethereum Mainnet.

✓ Sourcify

Sourcify is a decentralized automated contract verification service now available for xDai developers!

✓ Biconomy & Perpetual Protocol Case Study

This post explains how Perpetual Protocol used Biconomy's meta transaction relayer infrastructure to speed up the development process and improve the trading experience for users on xDai.