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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 07/08/2020

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🚀 Launch & 🤝 Partnership Announcements

✅ 🎉 EasyStaking Launch

Easy Staking officially launched on Wednesday, August 5! Two days later there is over 1M USD value staked in the protocol and growing. We've created some basic instructions to get started, you probably won't need them as the platform is intuitive and easy to manage.

You can also participate by adding STAKE/ETH to the Uniswap Liquidity pool to earn rewards. If that's more your speed, check it out here: Uniswap ETH/STAKE Pool:

✅ xDai + Elrond Partnership

xDai will partner with Elrond to architect their interoperability solution. The modified TokenBridge will be implemented to enable cross-chain communication between Elrond and Ethereum.

DeFi solutions continue to grow, and interoperability is needed to provide scalability. Excited to see what comes of this partnership!

👷♀ Dev Updates

✅ Connext Reddit entry ( features xDai

In addition to our entry for the Reddit Bakeoff, Connext entered with their demo, which demonstrates state channels connecting xDai to Rinkeby for cross-chain transfers. This is a second method of interoperability for xDai (along with the TokenBridge), allowing for interoperability without intermediaries.

✅ BlockScout Token View

The BlockScout team continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge tools for their open-source explorer. The number of tokens on xDai are growing, and the tokens tab lets viewers easily find and search for tokens deployed to xDai.

📰 Media

✅ xDai featured as a favorite Reddit Entry

In the Daily Gwei, Anthony Sassano wrote on 3 of his favorite Reddit Scaling Bake-Off entries, and 2 of them featured xDai as a scaling solution! (our entry with Splunk as well as the Connext entry with state channels) Check out this respected voice in the community opine on L2 scaling solutions below.

🦸♂ Community

✅ Twitter Banner Design Contest Ongoing

We’ve launched a contest to design our Twitter banner with prizes in STAKE. Entries due by August 20. If you are a designer, or know one, forward on the info to help elevate the xDai STAKE visual game!

Add your entry here: