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⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap - 23/04/2021

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🔥 Exchange Listing and Trading Campaign

Huobi Global launched STAKE trading/staking campaigns on April 20th, providing up to 12,400 STAKE as rewards! The featured STAKE staking campaign returns an estimated 130.35% APY 👀

Multiple listing pairs include:

👷‍♀️ POSDAO & Protocol Updates


The protocol is currently in Epoch 53.
There are 16 validator pools with 277 delegators staking a total of 558,362 STAKE. High pool APY is currently 22.15%, low is 12.54% (stats as of 23/04/2021 17:00 UTC).

☀️ xDai Dune Analytics Dashboard

A new Dune Dashboard was enabled to track xDai transactions and project utilization. It is available at

:potable_water: Faucet Update

xDai Faucet is back along with some verification methods to thwart abuse and provide xDai to users who need some gas for tx. Community members can receive and give back to the faucet!

:telephone: xDai Community Call

We held a community call on discord primarily focused on future directions for xDai and improving governance processes for researchers interested in exploring the xDai future. An interesting area of research is related to rollups, and a working group was formed in Discord to research what it might take to incorporate with Ethereum 2.0.

🦋 Project Updates

📲 Perpetual Protocol

xDai Founder Igor Barinov participated in the Perpetual Protocol Community Call, giving users an overview of xDai and how Perpetual leverages the chain to provide fast & free trades.

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision is a multimarket social trading platform now available on xDai!

🦜 pNetwork and PeerionDAO

Community members can now co-own a pNetwork node on xDai

:deciduous_tree: Eporio EarthDay Event

xDai is a green chain, and Eporio NFT Marketplace held an event to celebrate Earth Day and plant trees IRL!

🎆 Fraction Token

Fraction token launched on xDai as an interesting experiment in fractional ownership. Only 1 token exists, and holders can trade, stream and provide liquidity on xDai.

🦢 Swapr

Swapr DEX routes users to the Dex on xDai with the best prices. Their stats page now also includes xDai liquidity (just select xDai from the dropdown)